The Team

Here at The Southwold Flower Co. we are passionate about British grown flowers. Like the farm itself, the Southwold Flower Co. has grown organically since it's creation in 2013. Owners Liz and Roger now employ a team of dedicated staff, all of whom share their passion for sowing, growing and working with British, seasonal flowers. 


Liz Mobbs

Liz Mobbs


Liz’s first passion was photography, where she studied it at art school and then proceeded to spend many years in the industry before stopping to have her three girls and be a ‘stay at home mum’. Once her girls were in all school she then switched her knowledge and creative skills to floral art. The seed was sown for the flower farm idea when frustrated and unable to find natural flowers to make her Mother a Birthday bouquet, she decided to grow her own and learn some floristry skills as the two naturally go together.  In 2013 the flower farm was started on a small 1/4 acre patch,  with one small second-hand greenhouse in the middle of the Suffolk countryside. Since then it has done nothing but grow, and is now an established 4 acre flower farm in Reydon, with its own flower shop in Southwold as an outlet for the produce. 

” When I first started the flower farm, I didn’t realise it would take me on such a journey. As I child I had my own little garden and I am still obsessed with growing and still get excited with every new shoot and bud that appears with each season. Creating with flowers is relatively new for me, and I am still learning! opening the shop and now being able to bring the flowers directly to the people is the next step for my journey and it’s a dream come true. “

Roger Mobbs

Roger Mobbs


Roger was brought up in a farming family, training at Writtle University College he has many years of experience in agriculture and working the land. Roger is the brains and braun behind the industrial part of the business: supplying irrigation, building poly tunnels and working the machinery. Although he ‘doesn’t do’ flowers, he solves all the technical problems that come with constructing complicated installations. When not on the farm you will find him up a ladder or in the workshop building a floral arch, as well as fixing broken machinery.  

” Liz and I work well together as a husband and wife team, Liz has all the ideas and I implement them! I have no idea about the flower varieties, but I do know about growing healthy crops and enjoy the challenge of building new constructions and working out solutions to the problems that flower farming brings. “

Lizzie Woolnough

Lizzie Woolnough

Wedding Designer

With a foundation degree in Fine Art and a past career in Marketing, Lizzie loves to explore the creative possibilities of working with flowers. Lizzie will be taking over Southwold Flower Co. Weddings from 2019 where she’ll be working closely with the rest of the Southwold Flower Co. team to continue to deliver beautiful, creative weddings using predominantly, our beautiful, locally grown blooms.

” I love that no two jobs are the same in floristry; every day brings exciting new challenges and possibilities. 

My job is so much more than just working with flowers, it’s about creating a narrative with the texture and colours of nature. “



Shop Flower lady

With a degree in Interior Design and Architecture and currently working as a professional artist Louise brings a natural ability to create the process in the same way, but in her floristry her ‘palette’ is made up of seasonal flowers instead of acrylic paint!

Louise relishes sharing the pleasure that working with flowers brings to the Southwold Flower Company’s customers, both in the shop and for larger scale events.

Each arrangement is unique to the customer and the season in which it is created. Particularly when she has been able to hand select perfect blooms from the Company’s farm on her way into work in the mornings!

” I love creating with flowers. With so many ever-changing colours and textures the possibilities are excitingly endless. 



Shop Flower Lady

At 18,  I did a foundation degree in Art and Design.

Studied Patisserie in London for 2 years at Westminster Kingsway College in Victoria. 

I have worked as a Pastry Chef ever since, in Afternoon Tea Kitchens, Restaurant Service and Bakeries.  Up until the time I moved back to Suffolk a couple of years ago, when I set up Rosa Farine, my own mini baking business from home.

Working at Southwold Flower Company is such an inspiring place to be, it has enabled me to find passion for something else apart from Baking, as much as I love Cakes! I love all things creative, and it’s been fantastic so far to put my hand to something new, and learn something new too..and of course, meet lots of lovely people and gleaming customers! 

Friends of The Southwold Flower Co.

The front cover image and many other beautiful photos of our farm and shop were taken by Anna, who does occasionally pop by to take photos with her daughter amongst the tulip and cornflower beds to capture the beauty of the seasons.